La Baule admitted to the Club of the 40 most beautiful bays in the world, along with the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, San Francisco Bay and Ha Long Bay.

La Baule, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

La Baule has recently joined the Club of the World 40 most beautiful bays,. with amongst them some very famous bays such as Bay of Mont Saint Michel, Bay of San Francisco and Bay of Ha-Long.

La Baule has a valuable Architectural and Nature Heritage with several thousands of character properties, an iconic pine grove and a 9 km long golden sandy beach which provides an overwhelming seaside resort. Do not forget to take some time for a gourmet break along the shoreline to enjoy the local seafood, the ocean, the sand , the sun….

Drive (or distance) from our place to La Baule : 16 km

The spot of Southern Brittany!
The bay of Pont Mahé is a rare gem for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The ‘spot’ to see in southern Bretagne: Pont Mahé.

The bay area of Pont Mahé is a rare, almost hidden spot for wind-surfing and kite-surfing lovers. Classified as one of the best ‘spots’ by French specialised magazines, it is also a safe place to practice where the wind is always blowing and you will never be disappointed.

Going to Pont Mahé by car: 9 km

Association Glisse Pont Mahé

THE GOLF OF LA BRETESCHE : AN ENCHANTING BACKGROUND The 18-hole golf course of the Domaine de La Bretesche is among the most beautiful in France and even in the world, as Robert Sidorwsky considers it

Bretesche Golf: a wonderful setting.

Sheltered by a centennial forest, this 18 holes golf in the Domaine de la Bretesche can boast about being one the most beautiful in France, and even in the World as stated by Robert Sidorwsky in his book "Le golf: 365 Parcours Dans le monde."

Its design, created by the British architect Henri Cotton in 1967, elegantly fits in a beautiful décor. Surrounded by the towers and fortifications of the castle.

This enchanting setting, with its beautiful flowers, appealing nature, and amazing colors will make your golfing experience even more pleasant and unforgettable.

Going to Missillac by car: 31km

Let yourself be told about the Briere :

La Brière by barge with Valerie is a one hour trip on a traditional flat-bottomed boat, steered by a pole, without motor of course.

Along the canals, Valerie plunges her pole, you glide on the water; she tells you the history of this exceptional place: duck hunting, invasive crayfish, the hares of the marshes - otherwise known as the coypu.

She was born there and, as guardian of the traditions, she allows you to share the colours and smells of this protected ecosystem: 70 km of fresh water, 836 hectares of canals, reed beds, flood meadows... Thanks to Valérie, you can get close to the soul of the Marais.

218 rue du Chef de l’ile Fedrun 44720 Saint Joachin

+33 2 40 91 61 28

+33 6 09 90 24 68

5000 years ago

A beautiful oak forest reigned in place of the current marshes.

Over the years, the trees were engulfed in the peaty soil of the Briere. Imprisoned in this natural sarcophagus, deprived of air and oxygen, the trunks were loaded with silica and preserved admirably.

This wood of great nobility is called Morta.

Today, Jean-Henri Pagnon and his team extract this Morta wood themselves to make top-of-the-range knives.

A visit to the workshop is not to be missed, we are fans!

A short distance from the port of La Turballe, Hoëdic, Houat and Belle Ile en Mer await you.

Islands have always fascinated men

A few lengths away from the port of La Turballe, Hoëdic, Houat, and Belle Ile en Mer are waiting for you!

You will embark on a journey in the bay or for several days trip to discover those beautiful pieces of land. Less than an hour and a half crossing for Hoëdic or Houat.Company Finist’Mer.

Going to la Turballe by car: 11km

La chaumière des marais, a typical restaurant in the heart of the Brière Park

The village of Kerhinet

This hamlet, acquired in 1973 by the Park and entirely renovated, houses the Park House, open all year round. A living memory of the traditional habitat of the Brière, Kerhinet has a pedestrian complex of eighteen thatched cottages. An interpretation trail leads you to the washhouse and the bread oven, telling you about the habits and customs of the village's former inhabitants.

Hiking and biking trails leave from the village; every Thursday in summer, there is a market with local products. Before you leave, don't forget to visit the Chaumière des Saveurs et de l'Artisanat!

Guided tours of the village of Kerhinet, a typical hamlet of 18 thatched cottages, entirely restored by the Brière Regional Nature Park.

L'Auberge, at n° 10 for a charming lunch break and a menu of specialities from the Brière


+33 2 40 91 32 36

The white country.

Terre de sel offers visits to the salt marshes, accompanied by the salt professionals, the salt workers, those who produce the salt.
This way, you will better understand how the salt works, how salt is formed, and the trade. You can choose classical visits, family visits, walks at sunset...
Terre de Sel is also a shop-exhibition, a naturalist fresco of 30m2, under your feet, thanks to the transparent floor.

+33 2 40 62 08 80

Salt Museum in Batz sur mer

The Salt Museum in Batz-sur-Mer

A pretty museum in an original and colourful universe, housed in the heart of an old salt works, where you will discover the history of salt told through emblematic objects and works, a memory of the regional heritage.

+33 2 40 23 82 79

Flower of Guérande salt

The Charteau House, a stone's throw from the Balade des Marais A whole range of fleur de sel and fine salts flavoured with spices. The quality of Lionel and Françoise's fleur de sel is recognised by the greatest names in French gastronomy

Saint-Nazaire, a city-port

A history with a transatlantic flavour Offers must-see visits:

The submarine base built by the German army during the Second World War still dominates the port. A word of advice: climb onto the roof to change your view of the city.

The submarine Espadon, the first submarine to dive under the ice. 

Eol centre éolien is the first site dedicated to offshore wind energy.

The Ecomuseum to understand the human adventure of the city and its amazing history.

Saint-Nazaire, a city by the sea:

the Place du Commando: "the place to be": the place to have a drink.

3 monumental structures more or less submerged according to the tides: the foot, the pullover and the digestive system.

Monsieur Hulot's beach, in Saint-Marc And also, 3 discovery routes in the city centre.

Saint-Nazaire Tourism

A gourmet tour "La Chocolaterie"

A few steps from the Place du Commando, exceptional products made from quality raw materials, all of which are organic. A range of chocolates, bars, spreads and confectionery, to be enjoyed without moderation. 16 rue Vincent Auriol St-Nazaire

Cycling on the GR34

Heading for the bike

Heading for the bike A map, marked routes to prepare your rides and find your way around.

Guide for bike hiking
Borrow our bikes

We have 2 bikes at your disposal.

Rent bikes and electric bikes. (Delivered to La Balade des Marais)

Velozen in Guérande

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Ti'Cycles in Piriac-sur-mer

Rent of all types of bicycles. Repair of your own bike, at home.

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Hiking trails

GR 34: Customs Officers' Trail. The coastal path.

GRP: Tour de Brière. Circuit de la Duchesse in Saint-Molf, near the Balade des Marais. 5,5 km.