Annette and Jean-Claude have united their talents, gastronomy and ayurvedic massages

for your well-being.


Annette Champagne ‘Life has more imagination than we do’



During the euphoric 70’s, Annette works for a field that reinvents itself each and every day: Advertising. For a long time, she works as a sales representative for communication agencies, she then leaved the field to give Medias a try. Regional papers and her previous coworkers become her new customers. However, Annette is bored. She then starts, on the side, a several years course to become a yoga teacher at Hatha Yoga with Eva Ruchepaul. After her graduation, she starts an association and teaches evening classes. At that time, the first free underground magazine is launched and Annette, seeing a new challenge to undertake, decides she will become its advertising director. A few years go by, Annette is already thinking about her next steps in life. She decides to follow training on ayurveda at Tapovan, she will learn about massages and plantar reflexology. Annette trains and gets more experience by working at a 4 stars spa hotel in Cannes, thanks to her lovely friends. She adds to her technique by introducing essential oils to her practice. For some time she works at Bleu Vital, where she teaches yoga, gives massages along with physiotherapists and osteopaths. Annette then finds love with Jean-Claude through her friend Sophie (thank you Sophie) and a new life, a new adventure begins.



Jean-Claude Touzé ‘Happiness is on the plate’

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Passionate about cooking from a very young age, Jean-Claude is often seen in a bakery in La Flèche, his hometown, practising the craft. It is with a lot of generosity that Roger taught him everything he needed to know, skills and a love of delicious bread! Jean-Claude then goes to Paris to attend a business school and becomes a commercial manager working in IT in France and in Europe. During his trips, he learns a lot of new recipes, far from forgetting his love for food. Tired of his work, he opens up his own training firm, in sales and management at an international level. Jean-Claude helps small companies with their development. It is in this context that he meets Laurent, a gastronomical adviser, who is in the midst of launching ‘Liberty’s cook’. They exchange skills and knowledge and start conceiving the delicacies that will later en up on La Table des Marais. In parallel, with his partner Annette, he embarks on a new adventure. Together they create a concept where ayurvedic care and gastronomy work hand in hand for the benefit of their customers. La Balade des Marais was born!