La Baule, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.


La Baule has recently joined the Club of the World 40 most beautiful bays,. with amongst them some very famous bays such as Bay of Mont Saint Michel, Bay of San Francisco and Bay of Ha-Long.

La Baule has a valuable Architectural and Nature Heritage with several thousands of character properties, an iconic pine grove and a 9 km long golden sandy beach which provides an overwhelming seaside resort. Do not forget to take some time for a gourmet break along the shoreline to enjoy the local seafood, the ocean, the sand , the sun….

Drive (or distance) from our place to La Baule : 16 km


Our gourmet recommendations.


La Maison Charteaux

La Maison Charteaux located a stone’s throw from our place, where you can purchase a wide range of « fleurs de sel », fine and coarse sea salts seasoned whith various spices (and flavours). Lionel and Françoise’s high quality Fleur de sel is prized by gourmet cooking (Top) Chefs such as Eric Guérin from La Mare aux oiseaux.


« L’Attelier » in Guérande

A range of outstanding gourmet delights made with high quality standards and wholly organic ingredients .
The owners have created a wide range of biscuits, chocolates, spreads and sweets with the help of some « Chefs Pâtissiers » and « Meilleurs ouvriers de France » working and fully respecting artisanal skills and rules of Pâtisserie and Confectionery.
To eat with no moderation!


« The ‘spot’ to see in southern Bretagne: Pont Mahé.

ecole+de+kitesurf Pont Mahé1


The bay area of Pont Mahé is a rare, almost hidden spot for wind-surfing and kite-surfing lovers. Classified as one of the best ‘spots’ by French specialised magazines, it is also a safe place to practice where the wind is always blowing and you will never be disappointed.


Going to Pont Mahé by car: 9 km

Association Glisse Pont Mahé



Bretesche Golf: a wonderful setting.



Sheltered by a centennial forest, this 18 holes golf in the Domaine de la Bretesche can boast about being on the most beautiful in France, and even in the World as stated Robert Sidorwsky in his book ‘Le golf: 365 parcours dans le monde’. Its design, created by the British architect Henri Cotton in 1967, elegantly fits in a beautiful décor. Surrounded by the towers and fortifications of the castle. This enchanting setting, with its beautiful flowers, appealing nature and amazing colours will make your golfing experience even more pleasant and unforgettable.

Going to Missillac by car: 31 km



Kerhinet village


This hamlet bought in 1973 by the Parc has been entirely rehabilitated and harbours La Maison du Parc, which is open all year round to tourists. Witness to the traditions and customs of Brière, Kerhinet comprises a pedestrian-only area and eighteen thatched cottages. A guided path will take you to the wash house, bread oven and other wonders while informing you about the village’s folklore. Hiking and biking are also part of the activities offered in Kerhinet along with a regional products market.

Visits & tours : Visits and tours take place all year round and it is possible to book tours in English, German and Spanish.
Information : Tél. : +33


‘If you dream of having golden wings…’.

Parapente à Pont Mahé 2


Fly over the gold cliffs of La Mine d’Or and discover this beautiful setting from a different angle. The take-off site is located on the coastal path, which you can access from the La Source beach by walking towards the Lomer beach for a 100 meters.

Association les ailes d’or – La Mine d’Or – 56760 PENESTIN – Mob. : +33 6 08 21 95 30

Going to Penestin by car : 14 km




The favourite city of the Dukes of Bretagne



Guérande possesses the grace attributed to fortified cities. Sheltered in the cool of the ramparts, one can enjoy a walk through its lovely paved alleys and forged iron signs, while gazing at the windows of its charming, original boutiques.
Gwenn Ran (it’s Breton name) is one of the only French cities which kept all of its fortifications (all 1434 meters of them!).

Going to Guérande by car : 9,6 km



Islands have always fascinated men

La Turballe bateaux


A few lengths away from the port of La Turballe, Hoëdic, Houat and Belle Ile en Mer are waiting for you! You will embark on a journey in the bay or for a several days trip to discover those beautiful pieces of land.
Less than an hour and a half crossing for Hoëdic or Houat.
Company Finist’Mer.

Going to la Turballe by car : 11 km