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Gourmet table



Where you can treat yourself to delicious cuisine, prepared from local organic ingredients and artisanal fishing. It is well known that ‘we are what we eat’, this is why we carefully select our products. We personally know the farmers, beekeepers and shepherds. Jean-Claude devises for his hosts original recipes that you can savour with your eyes and, of course, your stomach! This is a way for us to get to know our customers, through hospitality and good food.


40 euros/person


Ayurvedic care and treatments offered at La Balade des Marais


Abyhanga: Harmony care

Massage with sesame oil that has been lightly heated and fragranced with essential oils. This massage suits every constitution and age and can be received every day. It allows the body to relax, calms tensions and helps suppress tiredness by increasing vital energies. It is also very helpful with stress and managing emotions. The Abyhanga massage suits our urban, occidental lifestyle perfectly.


Time : 50 minutes  –  75 euros


Udvartana and Body Spa: thinning and anti-ageing care for the body

This treatment comprises:
–       Exfoliation with a dry powder made from chickpea flour, Turmeric and ground roots.
–       The exfoliation is followed by a shower in order to eliminate toxins from the skin.
–       The second part of the treatment offers an anti-cellulite care with the Nuskin body spa. It associates galvanic currents and innovative technologies for a perfect skin.
We highly recommend a sweating session before undergoing the Udvartana treatment.


Udvartana clears out the pores, dissolves and absorbs fat and improves blood circulation. Body spa improves the skin’s aspect by leaving it thinner, smooth and toned.


Time : 60 minutes  –  75 euros


Saundarya and galvanic spa: face beauty ritual

Inspired by a traditional ritual, dedicated to illuminating, brightening the glow of the facial skin; this treatment comprises a face massage as well as a revitalising of the skin with the galvanic spa and ageloc Nuskin products. It also offers a moisturising mask during which a head and face massage will be administered.
This treatment has the same results as balneal therapy and makes the skin radiant by stimulating cell energy.


Time : 50 minutes  –  75 euros.


Vasanta: radiance facial treatment 

Stemming from anti-ageing technologies, this treatment uses galvanic currents along with an innovative and epigenetic molecule.

The results are remarkable: radiant and smooth skin as well as reduced wrinkles. If carried out regularly, this treatment contributes to a real rejuvenation of the skin.


Time : 25 minutes  –  50 euros.


Kansu: foot massage

Foot massage administered in a copper bowl basin along with ghee. It stimulates reflex spots situated on the sole of your feet. It helps ease anger and anxiety, as well as improve your eyes’s health, metabolism and fight insomnia. The Kansu is a calming massage that also revitalises your body. It helps re-establish lost harmony.


Time: 5o minutes  –  75 euros.


Plantar Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancestral art that is part of natural health. It is based on the principle that our hands and feet have reflex areas that reflect an image of the entire body.

A reflexology session will focus on both feet allowing to explore and treat all parts of the body. It helps with anxiety and re-establishing homeostasis. The results are lighter legs and feet as well as a relaxed body.


Time : 50 minutes  –  75 euros.


Kumbhaka: plantar reflexology and Kansu: wholeness and completeness

A 50 minutes reflexology treatment followed by a Kansu massage for 25 minutes. Two complementary treatments with cumulative benefits. The results are a sensation of deep peace and a lot of regained vitality.


Time : 1H15  –  105 euros.